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Thread: Pete Dougherty Nothingburger Ted Thompson

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    Pete Dougherty Nothingburger Ted Thompson

    This story is an amazing collection of 4,000 words and NO point.

    He could totally trade for someone, but we are not sure who. And neither is our source.
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    If Ted were to entertain such a move he'd have to pay a pretty steep price and that isn't something Ted is prone to do.

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    You might remember that back in 2010 Thompson tried to deal for running back Marshawn Lynch but backed out after the bidding went from a fourth-rounder to a third. Seattle got him at that price, and it turned into a franchise-changing move.
    Just think. IF TT had traded for Marshawn Lynch in 2010, maybe the Packers would have...Never mind.

    As for a pass rusher who might be had, that’s where the hard work begins. I asked a scout with another team if there were any who might be available, and as an exercise he took a few minutes to look through rosters and salary-cap hits. He found no obvious candidates.
    Darn it.

    “Go raid somebody’s practice squad,” the scout said. “You can’t stay status quo.”
    There's a plan.

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    Headline: "Thompson Could Trade for Impact Player, Despite No Talent on Trading Block"
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    Sneaky Pete is trying his hardest to be prophetic. He has carefully crafted a no lose situation, a nothing burger with no calories. If TT doesn't trade for anyone it will have been because there was no one to trade for. If TT does manage to swing a trade or grab an Andre Rison off the waiver wire, well, Pete called it. I wonder if the new employer is pushing for more splash plays from the JS journalists.

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    Bring Back Bob!

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